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New Painting Added

Omo Woman from photo by Eric Lafforgue.....
When I started this painting, due to the acts of a third party, I mistakenly believed that I had been granted the right to copy it. Half way through, I found out that the reference photo was actually the copyright of the renowned photographer Eric Lafforgue and no such right had been granted. I initially decided to abandon the work but was persuaded to finish it by those who had seen it partially completed.

I am showing it here as essentially a private study. The title of the painting is "Omo Woman as Photographed by Eric Lafforgue". It will not be sold, nor will any copies or prints be made from it. It is shown here under a watermark to prevent copying from this site.

The good news is that I believe that copies of the original photo are available directly from Eric Lafforgue on his website at If you have not heard of Eric, then I cannot recommend highly enough that you visit his site. His photos are jaw-droppingly amazing.

On a technical note, this painting is my first foray into Pan Pastels. Pastel pencils and a small amount of acrylic have been used for the detailed areas.


New Painting Added


New Painting Added




Painting added


Painting added


Painting Added


New Painting